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As you read through this gide you will be asking yourself several questions about you and the type of woman you want. You will benefit more from this guide if you write down the answers to all the upcoming questions.

You're going to be referring to your self-analysis many times in the upcoming pages. In order to become proficient at picking up and seducing women, you're going to change and grow.

By writing this stuff down you'll have means to measure your progress, evaluate your results and learn from your mistakes. Keep your written work together with your collected pictures and/or advertisements in a folder or notebook.

Your written record of your personal and dating progress will mark where you started, how you're doing and where you're going. Have you ever seen a picture of a well-dressed guy in a magazine and thought you'd like to look like him? Or of a woman you could see yourself being with? Well, all these pictures, photos, advertisements, need to be collected and saved! Use these images as incentives to realize your goals.

Imagine yourself looking that good, or with that perfect woman. As well, cut out articles or ads for singles events, or of places you might like to go for a date. Collect any inspiring pictures as a way to visualize your objectives and remain focused. When the time comes for a date with an amazing woman, use the ads to create an exciting date filled with adventure and fun!

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Do You Know Who Are You?

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Collect Information!

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