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Get in to it with Practice!

As you begin your journey into the world of dating you will still be learning approach techniques and you should try to figure out what works best for you. This means trying the techniques in this book, and adapting them to your personal style. You will no doubt make changes in your appearance an your behavior to become more successful with women. Some things you will learn the easy way, and others you will learn the hard way.

However, before you develop your best approach, you must be prepared for rejection.

Everything takes practice.

Don't expect immediate success without failure. Every man experiences rejection; it is part of the entire process. Hell, it's part of life! Every failure leads to a greater success. Remember: the more practiced you are at approaching and meeting women, the more confident you will become. This ultimately leads to a higher success rate with women! Don't get discouraged if you get shut down consider it her loss. With each rejection, you have to be able to regroup, move on, and apply the lessons learned.

You will need to visualize your goals and make it your priority to meet these goals.

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What are Your Desires?

Do You Know Who Are You?

Put the Focus on What You Want!

Who You Are and What they Want!

Do it Take Action!

Educate Yourself!

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Choices in Life!

Get in to it with Practice!

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