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Put the Focus on What You Want!

What you think about and focus on is, inevitably, what you are going to get out of life. You have to think about new ideas, new goals and new women, or your mind and behavior will exhibit the old ideas, patterns and people.

If you don't focus on and visualize the woman of your dreams and imagine ways of meeting her all the time, then you'll probably end up meeting someone who resembles your last girlfriend, or worse!

Avoid thinking about what you don't want. If you think about not wanting a boring lazy woman, and you focus on that, chances are you'll be meeting more of them than any other kind of woman.

You must FOCUS on what you WANT in order to GET what you WANT. This applies to all aspects of your life not just women. If you just focus on obstacles you come across, instead of your ultimate goals, you'll continue to have setbacks! You have to focus and think about what you want all the time.


Your First Impression

Within three minutes of meeting her, a woman will evaluate you, judge you and stereotype you by your first impression. Despite this being an unreasonable way to judge a person, women do this to almost every man she meets.

Make those first crucial minutes work FOR you, not against you. What is communicated and observed during your first few minutes meeting a woman will dictate your future relationship with that woman: you may become friends, lovers, or possibly remain strangers.

We are all guilty of judging others based solely on their physical appearances, and our personal prejudices and shortcomings. As shallow as that may be, it's true. You must use this judgment period to your advantage. This time is your most valuable opportunity to portray your most attractive qualities. The best way to make your first impression work for you is to adjust your physical appearance for greatest results.

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Put the Focus on What You Want!

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